Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

The holidays are a busy time around here, lots of fun and celebrating . . . it can get a bit exhausting.

Tempe, however — trooper that she is — is lifting her head up to wish all of The Waggery’s friends a very Happy New Year!

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Chilly Morning

It used to be that two of my dogs loved a good chill in the air, both of them greeting it with a playful romp around the backyard. Nowadays Tempe, at 11, is less enamored of the chill, seemingly more inclined to spend the cold days dozing by the fire. Kaylee still delights in it, however, giving me a very clear: “As if!” look when I peek my head out the back door to ask her if she wants to come inside.

Oreo and Dresden have never been fans of the cold. Both are what I refer to as heat seeking missiles. This morning, after plucking Oreo out of bed, I did my best to prepare her for what she was about to face outside by donning her snuggly Ottawa Senators sweater and her new, handmade cowl. I think she appreciated both as she stepped out and threw a “WTHeck?” look at me over her shoulder.

Oh boy was it cold!

Upon her swift return inside, I managed to get her sweater off, but the second she realized I’d put the fireplace on, she was gone . . .

This is how I found her

And then, as is the way around here between the two heat-seeking missiles, Dresden soon joined her.

Notice how Dresden is blocking out Oreo? This is so typical!

For years now, Oreo has taken the time to warm a spot, and Dresden (like a bratty little sister) has done her best to nudge Oreo aside so she can revel in all of that glorious warmth by herself.

It takes time but Dresden is patient. And subtle. Claiming the warmest spot inch by ninja-inch.

Eventually resulting in Oreo leaving altogether in order to begin warming another spot.

The dynamic between these two is always so amusing 🙂

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Thankful For Koko

Koko, the Landseer Newfoundland, spent Thanksgiving weekend with us while her family was out of town. Koko is not only one of The Waggery’s favourite visitors, she is one of Oreo’s best friends. Oreo and I used to see Koko everyday at work when we spent our days at “the other place”.

We both miss Koko and love when she comes to stay with us.

Sharing a pillow in the sun

Here’s Koko enjoying a bone in front of the fire after a long walk with The Pack.

And here she is after making a new friend with Dresden, my daughter’s miniature dachshund.

How cute are they?!!?

Just so much to be thankful for . . .

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Pet Treat Recall from PetSmart (Canada)

Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef & Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats

Dear Valued PetSmart® Customer,

Loving Pets Corporation has announced a voluntary recall of the following expiration date of Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef & Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats due to the potential of mold growth. No other Simply Nourish or Loving Pets treats are affected.

Product Description:  Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef & Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats
SKU:  5203800
UPC:  73725747061
Expiration Date:  EXP 02.16

It is recommended that you immediately stop using the specified product and return it to any PetSmart store for a full refund. To receive a full refund, please bring your receipt or a copy of this email to your local PetSmart store. Our store associates can help you find a replacement. If you have any personal or pet health concerns please contact your health care provider or veterinarian. For any additional questions related to this Product Recall please call the Loving Pets Corporation at 1-866-599-7387.

For more immediate communication from PetSmart, please register your email address with PetPerks®.

At PetSmart, we are pet parents too, and care about the well being of you and your pets. We’ll continue to do everything we can to help you and your pet during this time.


Joice Wirkus
Vice President of Retail Marketing




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Oreo’s fashion statement

My dear — and very talented — friend Kristen made this awesomely cozy cowl for Oreo.

She’s such a diva :p

Dog sweaters and dog coats are so popular, and in many climates they’re absolutely necessary, but the one drawback I have always found is how low they drop down around the neck, allowing so much heat to escape. This is the perfect solution! So now on those chilly fall days we’re entering into, and the frosty winter days that are on their way, this will help to keep Oreo’s neck warm while also preventing the cold from finding a way under her sweater to her chest and tummy.

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Agnes and Fancy

I got to spend the weekend with two very special girls while their mom was out of town.

Agnes ♥


Fancy ♥

I’ve known Aggie for three years now, and from the first moment I set eyes on her — and her loveable wiggle bum — she’s been my girl. I can’t look at her without smiling, and more times than not, dropping to my knees to give her a big hug.

Fancy came to live with her sister about a year ago but this was my first time meeting her. What a darling girl! She’s built like a tank but is convinced she’s a wee little lap dog. She followed me everywhere all weekend long, snuffling and snorting her way right into my heart!

I love these girls so much, and miss them already . . .

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Norma Jean is in the house

I feel so blessed to be trusted with watching some of my clients’s dogs for a day/night/or longer. I love being able to spend time with them that allows me to see more of their true personalities. In general, dogs aren’t big fans of being bathed/groomed, so the groomer isn’t always their favourite person to see. Being given the chance to just hang out with them, take them for a walk or a run, play with them in the yard or just chill on the couch, I get to enjoy them in a whole different way than when I have them on the grooming table. And they get to see I’m not so bad . . . when I put down the shampoo and clippers 😀

This is Norma Jean, one of The Waggery’s regular boarders and a grooming client also. Norma is a one year old Portugese Water Dog, beautiful, sweet and full of non-stop energy. She makes for the perfect running partner when she stays here!

Just another quiet Sunday afternoon at my house (she and Oreo are already 45 minutes into this particular play session).

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